The Build

Although in my career I have ascended to the heady heights of leadership I’ve never stoped building, because I love it, so lets build something awesome together.

  • Backend and architecture
  • Hybrid mobile apps
  • Modern process
  • Test and monitor

Backend and architecture

It’s not sexy, but it’s the backbone of any project. If I had to pick a second job title then it would be ‘Senior PHP Developer’ I’ve been building things with PHP since around 2000, building sites with PHP Nuke(!). I’ve never stoped coding in PHP, even through the ‘dark times’ when the startup hipsters all moved to Ruby on Rails.

I also have strong experience in other areas of backend architecture and development. I really wish I could find a better way to present this, but here’s a list of the technologies that I have significant experience in. Just be glad I haven’t ranked them with the amount I know them out of 5.

Platforms Frameworks Languages
Drupal Laravel PHP 7
Wordpress Symfony Node
Magento Yii Javascript
Solr Express

Hybrid mobile apps

I entirely agree that with people who say “hybrid apps will never give you the same experience as a native app”. However they do give you the ability to reuse assets, technology and skill-sets developed during a web project and also allow you to easily distribute cross platform at a lower cost.

I’ve been working with technologies like Sencha, Ionic & PhoneGap to create cross platform app store published apps for a number of years. I can help you build a stand alone app, or that companion app to a project that add that killer feature that will make the difference.

Modern process

My Git bones connected to my Slack bones connected to my frontend testing suite bones connected to my pivotal tracker bones connected to my ….

Despite remaining focused on making sure that the correct technology is used for the right task I am still in touch with the breakneck speed that modern development tools and platforms are moving. Adding the right tools and process to my armoury at the right time is key to remaining at the front of my field.

Test and monitor

It’s key to a great development to make sure that what you’re doing actually works and is measured against the KPIs that you orginally defined!

Depending on the technology all my projects will have some element of automated functionality testing, for PHP projects I will normally use Behat to tie the testing directly to the users stories. If required scripted Selenium test will also be included in the project. A detailed test plan will be drawn up at the begining of the project.

Where appropriate (normally on larger projects) Unit testing will be performed on the project. Using a relevant tool for the language/platform.

When the project is in production all projects are monitored with New Relic to make sure the system is performant. Google Analytics is also used to retrospectively check the site against the KPIs.

All these tools are normally plugged into a dashboard, so anyone in the project can see how things are progressing at a glance.