Tektura supplies premium contract wallcoverings - and choosing the right one is a very tactile and engaging process of discovery. Specialising in colour, pattern and texture to transform any space, Tektura is much more than just a supplier.

Selecting the perfect wallcovering for your needs offline is a very hands-on process. It involves flicking through product binders, thumbing through sample folders, collating mood boards with swatches and images. Tektura.com focuses on reproducing this exciting discovery experience to keep users fully engaged on that inspiring journey. 

Using the advanced search of Solr and a filterable grid system, We focused on the user's engagement with the website with great effect. Average user site time is nearly five minutes, the site had an incredible bounce rate of 4% in the launch month, with the user performing, on average, 6.61 searches. 

The site has increased the number of sample orders significantly. 

We also included some additional functionality to drive the engagement. The site allows the user to create a sampler folder with an integrated mood board to correlate and arrange your swatches on a grid and then order samples in one click. 

Role: Senior Developer @ Carswell Gould

Technology: Symfony 2, Solr

Delivery: Waterfall

  • Custom built commerce platform
  • Bounce rate consistently lower than 10%
  • Advanced product discovery journey
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