Elliotts builders merchants are the largest independent builders merchant in the UK and came to use with an interesting challenge. Having primarily focused on trade customer they needed to update their whole image and brand to attract a new consumer audience, without alienating their current audience.

Part of this challenge was updating their website. We focused on keeping the site as easy to use as possible, using natural language that would feel comfortable to both target audiences, whilst keeping the information architecture as at as possible.

The site also has a complex integration into the company’s ERP system allowing them to display product information on the site.

Since the Elliotts’ site was launched we have leveraged the platform to create an internal communications platform as well. Similar to an intranet, this platform faces internally and allows the company to store and distribute the commercial information in an efficient and cost effective way.

Role: Team Lead @ Carswell Gould

Technology: Drupal 7, Solr, Magento

Delivery: Agile + Continuous Support

  • Complex ERP Integration
  • Magento -> Drupal Link
  • Internal ‘intranet’ for trading information
Launch The Site
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