Phil Bennett

Phil Bennett

Freelance Creative Technologist
& Digital Lead

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How I can help you

I don't cleanly fit into a nice job title, so rather than telling you I'm a "Technicaly Focused Leading Project/Product/Client Manager Architect PHP Developer with added Hybrid Mobile Development and a Focus on Usability" I will just tell you a few of the ways that I can help you with your digital build.

Knowledge Isn't Power

The Extras

There is more to creating great digital ‘things’ than a good process and great technical ability. I bring a few added extras to a project.

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The Build

Although in my career I have ascended to the heady heights of leadership I’ve never stoped building, because I love it, so lets build something awesome together.

Lets make something awesome

The Kick Off

Got the talent to build but really want to kick the project off in the right way? I can help you and your client get the most out of a project by getting it started correctly. I speak binary and business; let me do the translation work.

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How I helped others

Before I help you do something awesome I've helped a few other people do awesome things. Check them out

A number of these projects where from my time as Web Team Lead at Carswell Gould check them out if you're after awesome intergrated marketing

Chichester College

Chichester College is one of the region’s leading further education colleges, based in West Sussex. It offers a broad range of full time and part time courses in a variety of study areas.

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Elliotts builders merchants are the largest independent builders merchant in the UK and came to use with an interesting challenge. Having primarily focused on trade customer they needed to update their whole image and brand to attract a new consumer audience, without alienating their current audience.

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Tektura supplies premium contract wallcoverings - and choosing the right one is a very tactile and engaging process of discovery. Specialising in colour, pattern and texture to transform any space, Tektura is much more than just a supplier.

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Some fun stuff I'm working on

Every now and again I get the time to work on some fun and interesting projects of my own. Check them out


Jekyll is a text based adventure hidden within an artficial intelligence assistant chat bot. Built using the Ionic 2 Angular based framework. Initially presenting itself as a normal text based chat bot, similar to Google’s Allo application.

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Inspired by the challenges faced on Jekyll and the all encompassing aspects of game design, where you have to apply so many skills to achieve something good, I have started working on a more traditional game, using the Unity game engine.

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