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Who makes websites and lead teams who make website.

01. Experienced Technical Lead

With 17 years experience in delivering web based solutions for business problems I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge.

02. Empathetic Leader

A deep understanding of the motivations of my team and my clients allows me to quickly identify what a project challenges might arise when humans meet technology. This allows me to eliminate these pain points before they become an issue.

03. Efficient & Pragmatic Technologist

Choosing the right technology and applying it efficiently has always been core to why I am able to successfully delivery projects, onetime and on budget.

04. Eloquent Communicator

The key to successful delivery is founded on accurate communication. Clear, concise, and above all honest, conversations are at the core of everything I do.

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Experienced Technical Lead & Full-Stack Creative Technologist.

I have a passion for solving problems with technology. With over 17 years of web industry experience I mix a great balance of hands on technical skills and strong leadership capabilities. 

I have a strong track record of leading teams to deliver technology projects in challenging, fast paced agency environments.

Work History

Technical Lead - bleech GmbH

January 2017 - Current Berlin, Germany

I joined bleech this year as a Technical Lead. I have already successfully delivered web based projects for large automotive and fashion ecommerce brands. As a Technical Lead I am responsible for all elements of my projects, from sales, through to delivery.

Recently I have been delivering projects that push our component-based development approach into website that combine simple content management with more advanced user focused features.

Web Team Lead - Carswell Gould LLP

September 2013 - December 2016 Southampton, United Kingdom

I took a small web department and transformed it into into a profitable team turning over £300k+ per year. During this time I worked with my team to transform all aspect of the department, introducing modern development processes and technologies.

Freelance Developer & Business Owner

September 2008 - September 2013 United Kingdom

Key Leadership Principles

From 7 years experience in leadership I have built a core set of principles. The core of these principles are founded on the importance of trust. Trusting in the skills of others, trusting people to organise themselves and simply trusting people.

Respect + Nurture Skills

Everyone you meet is better at something than you and you’re better at something than everyone you meet. Identifying these skills, that might not at first be obvious, and nurturing the correct ones allow for the creation of balanced, efficient, teams.

Self Organising Teams

With clearly defined goals and honest communication I truly believe that an empowered self-organising team will achieve the best results. By inspiring and coaching the team to believe this themselves, beat thing can be achieved.

Empathy Above All Else

Understanding the needs and desires of your team allows you to enabled the best version of them. All team members have different personal motivations and they aren’t always clear. An empathetic approach builds trust and allows these motivations to surface.

Key Technical Principles

I can’t imagine a time when I won’t be coding. Whenever I am not coding professionally, I code for myself. 17 years ago I realised development was not about writing lines of code, but instead about solving problems in creative ways with technology. Since this point I have developed an ever evolving set of principles that educate how I approach technical solutions, and the leadership of teams delivering them.

Component Base Development

Reusable, quality, simple and manageable code is core to building sustainable platforms and products. Approaching the entire development process as components allows me to efficiently manage, communicate and deliver large projects.

User First

It is too easy to be blinded by the technical challenge involved in development and loose track of the users needs. I believe that the users needs need to be core to every technical decision made.


We all want to produce the best most amazing work that all our peers celebrate, and quality is important. However this needs to be balanced with delivery. A pragmatic approach to choosing technical solutions is critical.

Technical Stack


My 15 years of PHP development experience sits central to how I approach all leadership challenges, and allows me to challenge teams choices and options from a place of strong technical understanding.


  • PHP
  • NodeJS


  • Laravel
  • Yii
  • Symfony
  • Lumen
  • Silex


Although my primary language is PHP I consider myself a polyglot technologist, capable in delivering full stack web applications. In recent years I have gained a large amount of experience in Javascript and modern frontend technologies and tooling.


  • Javascript (ES6/ES2016)
  • Coffeescript


  • React
  • Vue
  • Ionic/Angular
  • Cordova/Phonegap


  • Composer
  • NPM
  • Git
  • Gulp
  • Grunt
  • Webpack

Project Tools

  • Jira
  • Github

Systems Admin/Operational

  • Continuous Deployment/Integration
  • LAMP System Administration


Pragmatism sits at the core of my technical beliefs, and leveraging core open source platforms is key to fast efficient delivery.

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Magento

Outside of Work

In this part I believe it fairly traditional to say that I enjoy music and traveling. However I REALLY love music and traveling.

Consuming music a loud volumes is something that still excites me in the same way that is did when I was a teenager and moving to Berlin has reopened a door to clubbing that was no longer available to me in the UK.

Being in the centre of Europe has also allow me to easily travel to experience some amazing place, Since the beginning of 2016 I have visited a new European country every month.

working on some Projects

Professional Clients

Confidentiality is important to my current clients so i am unable to pubilsh details of recent projects, but I have recently been working on some really interesting projects.

Automotive Industry

In recent years I have been working closely with a number of the large Automotive manufactures in German, working on a number or site including:

  • Large promotional magazine site
  • Multi-language/market aftersales parts site

Web Applications

Using bleech's Flynt framework we have extended Wordpress into an efficient platform for building complex web applications.

Recently I have delivered a number of projects that combined the flexibility of the Wordpress CMS with more advanced featured for the user, including:

  • A market specific marketplace for land based sales.
  • A digital staff training platform for a pharmaceutical company.

Fashion & Ecommerce Events Websites

In 2017 we worked closely with a large european fashion ecommerce provider to deliver websites for a number of their industry leading events.

Using component based development and a heighly agile approach we achived hyper-performant deliveries. Including delivering an event website from initial concept to launch in two and a half weeks.

Personal Projects

Although "the correct amount of technology, is the least amount possible" web development technology moves at such a fast pace I try to keep my hand in with fun & throw away projects in my spare time.

None of these project will likely ever launch, but setting real work 'product' briefs allows me to keep focused on learning the technology rather than just 'tinkering'.

Personal Fitness Motivator

An obnoxious automated twitter fitness motivator that pulls data from fitness apps and automatically shared obnoxious tweets on your behalf.

  • Laravel
  • Social Logins
  • Fitness App APIs (Stava/Fitbit)

Artificial Intelligence Game

A text based adventure game hidden in an AI personal assistant app.

  • Laravel
  • Ionic Framework
  • Google Dialogflow

Berlin Burgers

Berlin does amazing burgers, so I thought I would review a few.

Not to be taken entirely seriously!

  • Wordpress
  • Flynt

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